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About Us

About OY-ITC

Who Are We?


OYITC is a non-profit organization & social change initiative. We support young entrepreneurs and women in getting non-oil products ready for international trade. OY-ITC works in collaboration with government, regulatory agencies, trade unions and various stakeholders. 

Our Roles to Nigerian Youth

We aim at creating a platform that will showcase and share with the world the creativity and productivity of young Nigerian people.
Creating awareness on the opportunities that exist for locally produced goods and services for international export..
Our target is to grow Nigeria non-oil export base from about 15% to 30% in the next 5 years
Lowering trade costs for deeper integration of markets and improving the enabling environment.


Organization of Youth in International Trade and Commerce (OY-ITC)

Misrepresentation and Suspicious Activities.

OY-ITC is a non-profit and social change organization involved in trade exhibitions, technical training workshops for entrepreneurs, international markets exposure, penetration and trading, forums, seminars and marketing consulting in the Non Oil Export Sector of the economy.

The OY-ITC is not and had never nursed the idea of being a travel agency, visa assistance agency or tourist assisting agency.

We wish to bring to the notice of our partners, stakeholders, members and the general public that anyone with intention to travel or participate in other activities rather than trade promotions, exhibitions, international marketing and networking opportunities related to non oil export trade, does so at his/her own expense.

The OY-ITC would not support any of such activities, and any money paid to OY-ITC under such pretense is deemed forfeited and such persons would be reported to the appropriate authorities of the law.

We wish to notify our numerous stakeholders and the general public to be careful in dealing with such person (s) and/or organization (s), if you are caught in such, its at your own peril.


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About Us

OY-ITC is a non-profit organization & social change initiative. We support young entrepreneurs and women in getting non-oil products ready for international trade.
Our aim is to showcase the productivity and creativity of young Nigerian people.


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Lagos Nigeria

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